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How Does the Bail Bond Work?

Bail bonds are a service provided by Crossroads Bail Bonds. The family or friend of an accused criminal that has been arrested and placed in jail, may not have the full amount of money to pay the entire amount of bail. The bail amount is set by a judge during a bail hearing. The judge will consider a variety of factors, including the severity of the crime, previous convictions, the defendant's ties to the community, family, and whether or not they have steady employment.  Therefore, they will have the option to hire a bail bondsman. The family or friend pays a percentage of the total bail amount to the bail bondsman in cash whch is 10% of full Bond amount. This amount of money is called a premium.

In the event that a suspect does not appear, the bail bondsman is then liable for the entire amount of the bond. The bail bondsman profits when the suspect appears in court, and loses money when the suspect does not. Bail bondsmen often use the services of private investigators, or other professionals (bounty hunters), in the attempt to bring suspects back to trial, in order to prevent the loss of their investment.

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